New siding can be one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, while also in most cases increasing the value of your home.  Also, with optional foam backing, your new siding can help save money due to increased insulation.  Remodeling Magazine has ranked new siding as one of the best home-improvement values, adding up to a 70-80% return at re-sale. 


Exterior paint continues to increase in price, as does the labor involved.  Even if you do the painting yourself, it can be very expensive—and very dangerous if you happen to fall off a ladder in the process.  Homeowners place a high value on low-maintenance features that save them time and money. 


With over 40+ years of experience installing siding on homes, you can be sure that Bill Haynes Company will provide only the highest quality installation of your new siding.  Regardless of the type of new siding you select, you can rely on our company to install it professionally.  We're dedicated to giving our customers a blue-ribbon job every single time. 

Siding Materials:

Vinyl:          Today's vinyl siding is the result of continuous innovation.  Unlike other exterior cladding products, it should never need painting, and can usually be cleaned with mild soap and water from a garden hose.  It's available in many different styles and colors, and is available with pre-installed foam insulation that can help reduce your energy bills, as well as greatly reducing damage from impacts.  Matching trim and overhang covers are also available.  

Engineered Wood:                   Engineered wood siding (such as LP SmartSide) offers the look and feel of traditional wood siding while giving a greater level of durability and consistency.  It can be purchased pre-primed, ready to paint, or pre-finished in any number of finish options, which reduces the installation labor time.  It's also engineered to resist deterioration, termites, and wood-rot.

Composite:         Composite siding is up to 5x thicker than vinyl, making it energy efficient and durable. Colored all the way through, it retains its colors over the years (even with exposure to weather), and can also help reduce energy loss through walls.  Unlike wood products, it won't attract things like fungus or mold. 

Fiber Cement:      Fiber-cement siding has been rated as a top home improvement addition for multiple years running.  It comes in a variety of shapes and forms: horizontal lap boards, shingles, and vertical board-and-batt style. Simulated wood graining is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing at about half the cost.  It’s also rot, fire, and insect proof.  Fiber cement siding can be purchased pre-primed (ready to paint), or pre-finished in a large selection of designer colors.