Our coating is manufactured for superior, long-lasting performance.  It's ten-times thicker on average than traditional paint.  It has unmatched longevity when compared to paint or stain, and provides unprecedented long-term value.  Years of testing have made it one of the highest-performing coating products available today.  It is, however, mainly designed for stucco and fiber-cement exteriors.  


Exposure to strong winds, pounding rain, snow and extreme temperatures all work to destroy your home's exterior.  Our coating gives your home ultra protection by helping to block heat, UV rays, cold and moisture intrusions. It provides superior, all-weather protection for your valuable home throughout the year. 


At Bill Haynes Company, we have over 40 years of experience working on home exteriors, and we're dedicated to giving our customers a blue-ribbon job every single time.  You can be sure that your home exterior will be well taken care of when you install our coating. 

Ceramic Microspheres

Ceramic Microspheres help protect your home from harmful UV rays and the damaging effects of the sun's heat.  Our coating has up to twice the amount of ceramic microspheres compared to other competitors.

Primer/Bonding Agent 

This is our first-coat waterproofing and bonding agent. It penetrates, and bonds the coating to the surface, yet still allows your home to breathe. It prevents humidity and moisture from rain from reaching the surface below.

Color Stabilizer

This patented ingredient helps your coating retain its color and prevents fading and aging.

Environmentally Friendly

As a durable product with a long service life, our coating greatly reduces the use of conventional paints, stains, caulk, and other maintenance-related products that often off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harsh chemicals as they cure.