Will Rogers Birthplace Home
UltraCoating was applied to the birthplace of Will Rogers in Oologah, OK. This landmark home is part of the the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.
Bill Haynes Company has taken part in preserving Rogers County’s most historic home, the birthplace of Will Rogers. This two-story home, built by Clem Rogers in 1875, is a rare surviving example of buildings on the former Indian Territory frontier. Clap-board siding was added and the home was called “The White House on the Verdigris.” For fifteen years the house was the seat of power and the site of culture.

The Birthplace Home is located on the famous Dog Iron Ranch in Oologah, OK. The ranch was originally 60,000 acres with 10,000 head of Texas Longhorn cattle. Today, the ranch is 400 acres with 50 Texas Longhorns.

Will Rogers Birthplace Home

UltraCoating was applied to the birthplace home and the white picket fence that surrounds it.
The three-product system will protect this historical home from:
  • Harmful UV Rays
  • Damaging Effects of Heat
  • Water Damage/Wood Decay
  • Color Fading

Miniature Replica of
Will Rogers Birthplace Home

UltraCoating was also applied to the miniature replica of the Will Rogers Birthplace Home. The well-known landmark is located near downtown Oologah, OK.

“We are extremely thankful for the careful and full attention by the great folks with the Bill Haynes Company. Not only is the look of the Birthplace House greatly enhanced, its life has been immeasurably extended.” -Executive Director of Will Rogers Memorial Museums